Transforming Local Government

In these austere times the public sector is having  to make difficult choices every day on how to allocate their ever-decreasing budgets to service priority areas.

A typical top tier Local Authority will spend over half its annual budget on Adult and Children social services. Then at around 15% comes support for Education. Saving money is far from a new concept in local government, but to-date most have picked the relatively low-hanging fruits like combining discrete back-office functions such as customer services, HR and ICT into a single shared service operation.

Done well, this has certainly provided efficiency gains for councils. But faced with even more demand for ‘doing more for less’ most councils now need to take a long hard look at transforming the really complex and sensitive area representing over half of their budget – Adult and Children Social Services.

We have been at the forefront of transforming the classic time-based Domiciliary care arrangements that are so regularly criticised  into quality outcome-based services which fundamentally change council’s commissioning costs from timed visits into paying providers only for meeting agreed outcome targets for each individual person. This approach has realised annual savings of 14% for one organisation.

Highbeam’s practitioners are expert in making highly effective business change really work in the public sector settings through use of the SixE Framework.

In essence the SixE Framework

  • Ensures that the vision and associated goals for the change programme are correctly established and appropriately communicated to everyone who should to be involved
  • Establishes the current operating model (COM), with particular emphasis on the client/customer/citizen process steps in the journey
  • Extracts a valuation weighting of efficiency for each COM component
  • Examines the differences between the desired target operating model and the current system
  • Executes the change, which will involve process, technology, organisation and people relationships
  • Extrudes success through engaging appropriately with all stakeholders throughout the transformation

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