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With extensive experience in both Programme and Project Management, Highbeam is well equipped to provide the safe pair of hands so vital in successfully delivering quality, complex solutions to time and budget.

Having the ability to produce and understand a gantt chart is seen by many as the essence of project management. But getting to the story about what’s really happening on the ground only comes from  that special ingredient  – a sixth sense born out of hard-won experience with a few knocks along the way!

We firmly believe that blending the ingredients of theory with our detailed practical knowledge combine to produce the real programme and project success that we have become accustomed to on behalf of our clients.

We offer a full suite of support to ensure success at every level including:

Governance: Defining roles and responsibilities and providing oversight

Management: Planning and administering both projects and the overall programme

Financial Management: Implementation of specific fiscal practices and controls

Infrastructure: The programme office, technology and other factors in the work environment supporting the programme effort

Planning: Activities that take place at multiple levels, with different goals.


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