Post Implementation Reviews

Any complex programme will bring with it a range of challenges that might well have resulted in ‘new thinking ‘ solutions in order to overcome particular situations.

Capturing these novel approaches, together with any other learnings from these programmes serves as a valuable resource for organisations when planning future projects.

Highbeam have developed a specific framework to ensure post implementation reviews that they perform are conducted with an efficiency that delivers maximum benefit in short timelines, meaning that findings can be applied directly to an organisation’s current portfolio of projects.

Well performed post implementation reviews are not only able to highlight, for example, areas of good practice, but also the key reasons leading up to why these particular outcomes were achieved.

Taking this a step further, a repository of information can be created and with it a valuable mine of data used to inform current and future decision-making.

Project implementation reviews should be the final action with any new deployment. Alas, this seldom happens even when it is written into the original plans.

Why, well any number of reasons are routinely given for not performing Post Implementation Reviews.

They include “lack of budget to perform the work”, the team “no longer being available” and of course the largely unspoken truth that “individuals may be seen in an unfavourable light”.

But then the same mistakes are made, again…and again….and again….

If you are looking for an independent, experienced and uncompromising fresh pair of eyes to perform a snappy Implementation Review that quickly gets to the heart of what you need to know then contact us today.