Our Approach

So you know that improvement in business performance has been a highly valued prize within your organisation for some time. But is anyone REALLY grasping the nettle and taking proactive steps to identify and then implement some very challenging initiatives?

Then there is the customer. Steadfast/resolute adherence to the usual analytical methods of examining and measuring business performance  tend to focus on the inner sanctions of business process at the expense of the bigger picture. Ensuring that the customer is at the heart of every strategic decision an organisation makes is the real key to not only making efficiency savings but also increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

At Highbeam we take a blended approach to making change happen by supporting organisations through every stage of their journey.

After all, it’s one thing to know the theory behind transformational change, but putting that theory into practice requires rolling up sleeves and doing some very heavy lifting along the way. So we put theory into practice using a wide range of social and economic tool-sets that deliver a process approach to value-based change.

Then we make it happen!

We embed our specialist approach that focuses on the customer perspective with leading methods and tools such as Lean Six-sigma and PRINCE2 to ensure successful change for business¬† – not just for the ‘now’ but also to serve organisations well into the future.

Highbeam’s practitioners are expert in making highly effective business change really work through use of the SixE Framework.

In essence the SixE Framework

  • Ensures that the vision and associated goals for the change programme are correctly established and appropriately communicated to everyone who should to be involved
  • Establishes the current operating model (COM), with particular emphasis on the client/customer/citizen process steps in the journey
  • Extracts a valuation weighting of efficiency for each COM component
  • Examines the differences between the desired target operating model and the current system
  • Executes the change, which will involve process, technology, organisation and people relationships
  • Extrudes success through engaging appropriately with all stakeholders throughout the transformation

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