Public Sector

Many within the Public Sector are grappling with the direct effects of the national austerity measures introduced in the wake of the global banking crisis of 2008.

Some in local government are still trying to provide the same services with less resources. But competing demands of reducing costs whilst maintaining service levels means this approach can only ever be a short-term fix. After all, doing the same things with less people means that those individuals will be required to perform additional activities. The usual outcome is a stretched  and demoralised workforce leading to a whole new assortment of internal issues. These in turn take focus even further away from the prime purpose of serving citizens well.

And six years on from when the financial world was in meltdown, the time is now for councils to grasp the nettle and develop fresh thinking that truly transforms and improves services for customers within the new, reduced financial environment that is now ‘business as usual’.

Supporting some of the most forward-thinking local authorities in the country for over ten years with their transformation agendas means that Highbeam are able to advise on how to get the very best citizen-centred services conceived, planned and deployed to exacting time-frames and sustainable budgets.

New and imaginative thinking based on good strategic decision-making is the way forward. This will lead to citizen-centric services delivered using an integrated workforce drawn from classic council, NHS, commercial and third-sector partners. The term “Better services for less” used to be seen as little more than wishful thinking. Today it is imperative to achieve the goal of putting people at the centre of everything that local authorities do. And that usually means that time-honoured arrangements formed over many years have to be reviewed, recalibrated and reordered into a whole systems, outcome based model that work better for the people they serve as well as being far more efficient.

Highbeam has many years experience to ensure project success. The support we offer is tailored to individual client need. This can range from specialist line of business services such as relaying the voice of customers, performing activity analysis and post implementation reviews, through to taking full responsibility from the initial visionary concepts and associated goal setting that are transformed into sustainable projects delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

Simply put, we are very comfortable taking responsibility for delivering complete turn-key solutions that rewire public services and achieve sustained success.