Community Support

We encourage our people to get actively involved in supporting local community interest groups. Current activities include helping to protect a rural community from flooding, supporting local charity events, providing pro bono services to third sector organisations and being a sponsor for Grove RFC. Grove have an excellent youth structure and are now well established in the Southern Counties North League. They are respected for the type of rugby they play and the standards they set.
















We believe that putting something back into local communities is very rewarding. Combined with passion and positivity, enthusiasm seems to literary gush from every pore. We have seen just how infectious that enthusiasm can be and it’s no surprise to us that people who choose to actively volunteer are regularly judged to  be amongst the top performers and leaders in their chosen professions.















The passion seen in people choosing to use some of their time volunteering is evident when those same individuals are turning dreams into achievements for our clients.















That old saying “a change is as good as a rest” also holds true. Some of our most active volunteers are genuinely buoyed up on their return to work immediately following their various volunteering accomplishments. There is also the added bonus of networking opportunities with others who share common interests in an informal setting. Opportunity is everywhere!